VANANHSCARLET is a fashion brand founded by Designer Van Anh Do in 2015. Over the last five years, VANANHSCARLET has opened 15 fashion boutiques in Vietnam and moving on to be of service to millions of ladies all over the world.
Inspired by the glamour of the elegant curves of women, each of our designs aims to bring forth confidence and charms in every lady. VANANHSCARLET collections are known for bespoke craftsmanship, focusing on unique finishes and premium materials. We are proud and always honored to be the first choice of A-list celebrities, singers, actors, and models.
Our first and foremost priority has always been the uniqueness of a lady. Each of our collections comes with a special message, a different love, and respect for an individual's personality of every woman.

In the relentless flow of fashion, VANANHSCARLET ‘s reputation is established with a philosophy that fashion must represent for ladies' mind and spirit; each design is a shade of emotions, cluding the polarity of either light or shadow in their soul, which is contemplative and respective.

Therefore, beside a look of trendiness, flexibility and feeling of closure, there are always personal imprints in our designs. Each item is the blend of high-quality materials and sophisticated and meticulous hand-fabric treatment under talented hands of skilled craftsmen, to become a bond of the inner beauty and the charming appearance.

Not only is she a fashion designer but Van Anh Scarlet has become an iconic figure of seductiveness in the hearts of fanatics. First presented in 2015 with enthusiasm,knowledge, creativity and fashion research, the brand named after Van Anh Scarlet is pretty much her love, passion and life.

Up to now, VANANHSCARLET has widely covered major cities in Vietnam and reached out to international markets.

Hopefully, together with you, VANANHSCARLET will make a mark in the fashion world and your own one.